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How do I convert a paperback into an ebook on this site?

Any solutions at all?

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Re: How do I convert a paperback into an ebook on this site?

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There are two ways to get your book into epub format so that it can be sold on the iBookstore and other distribution channels. the first is to use the free Lulu Epub converter. It can convert your properly formatted .doc, .docx, .rtf, and .odf files into an epub. In order to do this option, you must read a 40 page guide that gives very detailed instructions on how to format your word dock for submission to have it converted into an epub for free. For more information and to get the guide, please visit:

The second option is to purchase a conversion service from us. Using this method you submit a pdf to us and we will convert it into and epub for you (this process can take 3-5 weeks). For more information please visit Conversion Services:

To learn more about our eBook Distribution Guidelines and to be distributed to other channels, such as the iBookstore, please visit the link below for additional information.

eBook Retail Distribution Guidelines:

I hope this kelps.

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