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Can another publisher publish my book?

I have written a book and it is currently on Lulu.  Can another publisher publish my book and sell it as they see fit without any legal hindrances?


I appreciate your opinions and I am sure they will be correct but I need verified info from the Lulu website.  I can't find it...

It sure would be nice to speak to a real person via telephone...

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Re: Can another publisher publish my book?

If you used a Lulu ISBN, then Lulu is the acting publisher (and with the dosh, will submit your ISBN onto the large channel databases).

Also, you are a self-publisher that has retained all copyright - so you can do all you like with it, but I doubt they can do what you want them to - best thing for you to do I should imagine, is to brand your own books with your own ISBN's?

I think anyway ^^ Waterstones can see my book on their ISBN database - all a shop needs to do is copy+paste said information from the ISBN databases and add it onto their in-house software to stock the book.

Sorry I don't know much more than that ^^

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Re: Can another publisher publish my book?

To answer the question, Read your copyright ... (which I assume you have in your book)

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