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Buyer information ?

Hello all. I have been contacted by a retail buyer who wants me to send them information on my book. My stumbling block is the pricing for them. Is there a way for them to enter a discount code when ordering the book or is there a method by which a buyer could get a discount when purchasing in bulk ? I want to make it easy for them and yet still profitable for me. Any ideas or suggestions ? Thanks !
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Re: Buyer information ?

No, but Lulu's pre-checkout does have a built-in 'bulk' discount tool, starting from 22 of the same book I think.
The discounts are not large unless they order 1000s! but that's the problem with POD, but that is also the beauty of it >> no stock to buy and carry. People can buy as little as 1.
Depending on where they are in relation to where you live, you could order the books yourself at cost, add a bit on, and sell them direct to the shop.
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Re: Buyer information ?

Make a second project. Set the price. Make it Private Access and give the URL to the retailer.

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