Peter May
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ePub and website

I have a friend who has in the past sold CDs of his photo's in JPG format accessed from a HTML page with an index which hot inks to each photo on its won HTML page with a link back -- in other words its a website on a CD.

I read that ePub can contain anything that can shown on a website.

How easy is it to convert that CD to an ePub? Is there a tool that does it automatically? 

Ken Anderson
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Re: ePub and website

One has to create the EPUB using XHTML5.


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Re: ePub and website

Ken Anderson wrote:

One has to create the EPUB using XHTML5.


I have to disagree Ken. This does not sound like something that needs EPUB version 3, which uses XHTML5, which as far as I know is still a draft spec and not a finalized standard yet. This sounds like what can be done in normal EPUBs, which should only require being coded in XHTML 1.0 or XHTML 1.1 (must be able to validate under 1.1, even if the doctype is 1.0).  If it were a dynamic index, then it probably would require EPUB version 3.

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