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Order 7216321

I would like to know when order 7216321 is going to be delivered?


Mercy Mutamiri

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Re: Order 7216321

This is a User-2-user Forum you should contact Support for a specific order enquiry.

Order normally take 2-4 days to fulfill (be printed). Shipping depends on the option chosen and paid for. Standard mail may take up to four weeks depending whereabouts in the world you are. 

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Re: Order 7216321

Hi Mercy

Please confirm the order number. The order number you entered above does not match any orders placed in this account. The last recorded order associated with your account was placed February 13.

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Re: Order 7216321

I think that only mentions when a print will be shipped though, but it does not mention that things like weekends and holidays can not only slow printing down, but shipping also.

Says myself who has a parcel tracked to having been sat in a warehouse since Friday. Smiley Mad  Not a Lulu one BTW.


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