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I replied to a Lulu Support email. Why haven't I received a response?

by on ‎09-17-2010 09:21 - edited on ‎06-05-2014 04:51 by (11,239 Views)


If you submitted a support email to Lulu and didn't receive an auto-response acknowledging receipt of your request, your system is probably blocking emails from Lulu.


There are several reasons your system may block Lulu emails: your ISP may be blocking them, your system or networking firewall may have Lulu.com blacklisted, or the Lulu emails may be identified as spam. Please check your email application and ISP representative to find out why you are not receiving our emails.


Make sure to add "Lulu Support" <existing_ticket@lulu.com> to your spam filter whitelist so emails from lulu will get through.

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