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I have had several print out purchases of my latest book, but the photos printed by Lulu were lighter the first time, with repeat orders  were too dark. I am wanting to revise my manuscript again, to obtain the Lulu  ISBN, is there a simple way to require a happy medium for the shade of the photos when printed, which look perfectly okay on my  manuscript/document and when transferred to your PDF for printing.
Please help,
Many thanks  Marion 

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  • Hi John,
    There's still a fine line with images and color. The value style book is really meant for text only, and anything using heavy ink coverage will likely print poorly.
    But, for a full color book on premium paper, the image quality is nearly at that of a photo book. If the project contained a full color image on each page, photo book would be the answer. A book with a mix of text and images (like a course book or guide) will print quite well on our premium full color option.
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