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Hello Folks, its been around 5 years since I last participated in the forums, I'm now in the process of releasing my second book. I have just sent off for a test print. I went with U.S. Trade, Paperback and Hardback for my First book, of which, I understand, the Paperback editions were printed in England, which was very handy for me, living in the U.K. The Hardbacks I understand, at the time, for U.S. Trade, were printed in France. The print quality of the Hardbacks were exceptional for the price, the only negative was that the postage cost per book was quite expensive compared to dispatching from the U.K.

I have decided to go with U.S. trade again, for my second book, and I have just placed an order for a paperback version, I was surprised to see that it is dispatching from North America, which I am sure will take a while to reach me, and I'm hoping there are no customs charges etc... due to this, this has sort of put me off, as I am sure bulk orders will not be cheap on shipping if coming from the U.S., and the time it would take to reach me for dispatch to customers.

Does anyone have any knowledge on what formats are being printed within the U.K at the moment.?, I have considered switching to the Royal Format, which I think only paperbacks are available, does anyone know if these are printed within the U.K.?

I look forward to hearing from you all




  • Hi Will,

    I just went through this with regard to my own book, which is geared towards a European market, so I'm well positioned to respond. Trade-sized (6 x 9) paperbacks should indeed print and dispatch from the UK if the shipping address is a European one. When you create your book, the information on where the book is printed should be located on the final line called 'shipping origin', just above where you enter the number of pages your book will be. Generally, all paperbacks have 'global' shipping origin, which means they print in a location that is closest to the shipping address. All hardcover books, except for the 8.25 x 10.75 dust jacket hardcover, print Globally as well. I found out about the dust jacket hardcover the hard way!

    I'm not sure why your trade paperback would be printing in the US, but it shouldn't be according to Lulu's online information. Perhaps it is a mistake. I know just how irritating that is. I send a hardcover book to my friend in the UK and after weeks we decided it was never going to arrive, and the shipping cost was outrageous!

    I would call Lulu's contact number and confirm where the book is being printed.

  • LarikaLarika Bibliophile
    Where are the new printers located in the UK? 
  • Greetings!

    The US Trade Paperbacks are printed in the UK. The message you are receiving about "printing only in North America" is from a time before we had a UK printer. We have not revised the messaging on some of our products.

    We do not give out specific locations for any of our printers for security reasons.
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