A5 template problem

Hi all, I downloaded the Lulu A5 template, copied and pasted my word doc into it. While doing some editing I've noticed that sometimes lines or sentences appear twice or even disappear. This seems to correct itself if I click my cursor on another page, but it's frustrating and worrying that I might save the doc without noticing the error. I've never had this before. In the past I start with a normal default word doc to write a first draft, then have copied and pasted into a template I created myself. This is the first time I've used a Lulu template. Any ideas what's going on or has anyone else had this problem? Thanks. 


  • I've seen this issue with Word numerous times and in a variety of forms.
    Unfortunately, because this is happening in Word I don't know that we can troubleshoot it. You might try checking in on the Microsoft Support Community.

  • Okay, Paul, thanks, I'll try that.
  • I use Word all the time, and it does have a strange fault. When moving to the next page, the top the text can look jumbled up (I doubt it Saves like that though, but it can be a pest if you think some text is missing and you retype it!) If you just scroll down to the next page then back up, it should have sorted itself out.
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