Best format for durability?

I'm getting ready to print a journal/workbook/diary (all B/W interior pages), and I'd like to have something that's great to write on and reasonably durable. Would the Premium Paperback give me what I'm looking for, or do I need to go with a hardcover book? If paperback would work, which would you recommend, the glossy finish, or the matte that's available on XPress? Thanks in advance for your advice!


  • Well, it will only have to last for a year would it not? It would be a sad day if a publication did not last a lot longer.

    Is it for own use? or to sell only on Lulu? Then go for spiral bound.

    If you want to sell if via distribution it will need an ISBN, and spiral bound cannot have that. (Look for the ticks in Create, they can have an ISBN. Xpress does not offer ISBNs and will bring you back to Create here if you want one.)

    If you do go for an ISBN, I would go for the Premium paperback, Perfect Bound, because hard back would possibly be too rigid to write in comfortably.

  • Thanks so much, Just Kevin! I really appreciate your insight!
  • I've published paperbacks in both glossy and matte, and the paper quality seems the same. I'd bet the matte finish will look better over time because the glossy finish highlights fingerprints and scratches. Lulu's premium paper option is what you want: it's thicker and harder. A hardcover book doesn't necessarily get you better interior paper.
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  • That really is hardbacked, front and sides
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