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I just received a proof copy of a new photo-book, and there is a significant discrepency between my print-file and the printed book.  The discrepency is identical on every page: the text block (or picture) has dropped down about ¾ inch.  This error is consistent throughout the book: too much margin at the top and too little at the bottom.  This is my third proof copy for this book, and this margin error is new. The two previous proof-copies were fine in respect to their layout.  I went back and examined my current print-file page by page (the layout of which is identical to my two previous print-files).  In the two earlier proofs, every picture or text-block is centered vertically, as it should be.  The text-block, or picture, is pushed down on each page only in the third proof, though all three proofs used the same identical layout.

Even if I was responsible for an error in layout, the error would be confined to one page, as I lay out each page individually, and the pages are not linked in terms of their layout, so that a layout error could not cascade through subsequent pages.

I have designed and published about a dozen books with Lulu over the past two years, and have printed literally hundreds of individual copies, and I have never seen this error before.  Also, I have worked with Word for many years, and am thoroughly experienced with its layout functions and problems.  I don’t think this could be a Word problem.  I wouldn’t know how to drop the text block exactly the same distance on every page, except to do it manually, page by page, so I don’t see any way that it could be my error.   I also printed out the entire book here in my office, and the layout was perfect.  Text-blocks and pictures were all centered vertically on every page.

I’m concerned that even if this error is located and fixed, that it might happen again, so I would like to know how it happened.  Has anyone seen this problem before?  I also can’t afford to just keep ordering proof copies, as each one, with postage, costs me nearly $10.  But I’m not looking for a refund.  I just want to have the problem identified and fixed.


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    I just pulled up my project ("Old Locksley among the Ruins"), and downloaded the print-ready file and examined the whole project, page by page. Every page was laid out exactly as it should be, with print blocks and pictures centered both vertically and horizontally.  So the error was definitely on the part of the printer.  There is nothing wrong with my print-ready file.

  • Hmmm, we can't find this product, but we have many other great offerings!
  • If you are not happy then you need to contact Lulu Support.

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    You couldn't find the book because I thought I should retire it until the problem is worked out, as I don't want any unhappy customers.  --- I would like to know if anyone else has had the problem of their books being printed with extra space added to the top margins?  I will contact Lulu Support on Monday.
  • Did you use the Photobook Wizard? If so, few, if anyone, seem to comment on it here nowadays.
  • No, I just work directly with Word.  I have more freedom and capability that way.
  • bjomanson

    Are you uploading a Word file to Lulu? If so, try uploading a PDF instead. With PDF what you see is what you get and with Word there is always the possibility of things shifting on the page during the conversion process.

    If you don't have a PDF convertor try doPDF which is free to download and it works very well.
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    I always convert to PDF, for just the reason you state-- to keep all the elements anchored in place.

    Here is the book. You can see the whole interior of the book on the Preview.  Everything is laid out just as it should be, but when it printed all the visual elements were lowered on every page by about 3/4 inch.
  • It's hard to judge from that because you have no Headers or Footers to gauge off. The backgrounds to the Previews are also a white as the pages.

    However, I don't see the problem. There's almost nothing on the pages, and the margins seem to be huge. Remove all the white space, (including between the lines) and it would possibly only have ten pages  :(

    It would also look better Justified and without the massive first line indent.

    I know you did not ask about that, but that's just my opinion.

  • By the way. This area is for those who use the specific  Photobook and Calendar Project wizards, so if you are not using those, you are asking people in the wrong section. Your book is not actually a photo book or calendar.
  • This sounds like a printer error. Just touch base with Support. They'll want an image or two to send along to the printer, but if your file looks right and the book is printed uniformly off, it's almost certainly on the printer.
  • I had the same problem, My printed book came out far too small with a very big margin at the top of each space, so that space was wasted. I feel disappointed but cannot do anything about it.
  • Beginner said:
    I had the same problem, My printed book came out far too small with a very big margin at the top of each space, so that space was wasted. I feel disappointed but cannot do anything about it.
    Quite often we see files upload with 8.5x11 page sizes for a smaller (like A5 or 6x9) book. That will cause the text/contents to shrink and enormous margins.
    May not be the case here, but that's the first thing i would look for.
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