Publishing from Canada

I'm part of a Registered Charity in Canada, planning to publish a book as a fundraising tool. I've heard that the IRS can be a problem about withholding tax, W8BENs and all that sort of thing. Anyone else in Canada had successes to share when publishing from Canada? Is it easier if we register the ISBN ourselves?


  • I doubt the ISBN makes any difference, you are still publishing via Lulu, and getting money paid via Lulu, which is an American company.

    It is a silly and paranoid rule though. In the UK we are trusted to pay our 'self-employed' taxes when due.

  • Just Kevin, I agree. I've been working with US clients of my consulting practice for years, and due to the US-Canada tax treaty, I just accept payment from my US clients and then declare the income on my Canadian tax return. No muss, no fuss. But the IRS seems to look at this differently. I just thought some other people might have published with Lulu, but from Canada
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