Who is the Publisher?

davidRoddisdavidRoddis Toronto, Canada Writer
Lulu in one place says, "If you use our free ISBN number, then Lulu is the publisher for the purpose of your copyright page."  Now I just read, "You (the author) should be listed as the Publisher."  (I'm paraphrasing, and I can't locate where I saw the first statement, but I'm quite certain that I saw this on the site.)

Does anyone have the definitive answer to this? I'm using an ISBN provided by Lulu. Thanks for your help.


  • Papi_SoñolientoPapi_Soñoliento Southern Escarpment Hill Country Librarian
    You are the publisher for the purposes of the copyright page. When you use the Lulu ISBN, for the purposes of distribution Lulu will be listed as publisher at sites downstream since Lulu is the legal entity that has done the negotiation work.

    Or at least that is my understanding.
  • Ron MillerRon Miller Professor
    Lulu as publisher is only a technicality. Part of the ISBN number is tied to the name of the number's owner: in this case, that is Lulu. However, you are the publisher of your book in every significant way...including ownership of the copyright. You are also responsible for the contents of your book---including its editing, design, etc.---which is the job of the publisher. You do not relinquish these things.
  • davidRoddisdavidRoddis Toronto, Canada Writer
    Perfect, thanks guys!  
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    And I think Lulu still offers the option of you using an ISBN you have bought yourself.
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