How do you sell your Books?

Hey everyone!

Here at Lulu, we're working on finding and connecting new ways for authors to sell their books. Everyone knows about Amazon and such, but a lot of independent creators use specialized eCommerce tools to sell. Think Etsy.

We've created a quick (1 question!) Survey Monkey poll to see what platforms our authors use (if any).

If you have a moment, please help us improve!

Which eCommerce platform do you use to sell your books?




    Ecwid is free for the first 10 books and easy to use. Great customer support. You can also add the shop to your Facebook page.
    Bonanza is also interesting.

    Within these colouring books you will find scripture or prayers in large letters that you can colour in to experience God's words in yet one more way. It will give you a beautiful moment to pause and stop thinking of the worries of life, a moment to do something meaningful and relaxing. You can colour in one word or one page a day. Some books contain, in addition to the actual scripture or prayer, Christian crosses, ornamental first letter or peace-inspiring mandalas as in the Psalms book. Colour pencils or crayons recommended. Product information. 8.5x11 paperback, 60# white interior paper, black ink outline, glossy cover finish, perfect bound.

  • Can you be sure these websites are genuine.. i.e. do you get your sales payment okay?
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Chancellor
    What I am wondering is what purpose they serve when with one of Lulu's free ISBNs they end up listed on 100s if not 1000s of outlets worldwide, automatically.
    How Do. Take a seat.
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