Where is the 4.4 X 6.88 option

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I previously published a little 4.25 X 6.88 book with Lulu. It was a way to get a small novena into print. It wasn't possible to get it into book stores etc., but it could be sold on Lulu and I  could sell it myself. For very limited purposes it was a very nice product. I can't find it any more. Would like to publish a couple of other small books. Has the service been discontinued?


  • Quite a while back, Lulu discontinued some options that proved not to be popular with enough people. At one time you could even publish CDs here, too  :)
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  • We call it a Pocket Book. It's still available - http://www.lulu.com/create/books

    If you scroll to the bottom of the page I linked, you'll see a grid of book sizes. Pocket Book is top-right.

    We can only print it in some bindings / paper combinations, so it will be greyed out until a paper type is selected that it works with. If you select Standard or Premium bind with Black & White on White for the paper, Pocket Book is available.

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    Ah -- there it is. Thanks. As I say, for some limited purposes it is the perfect solution. Hope they don't discontinue it.
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    Pocket books have been around for a while so odds are the format will be around longer.
  • I don't see any signs of this size being removed from our line up
  • If logged in under the GB flag it is actually still listed in the first options as Pocketbook, but with a metric size rather than imperial. As Paul says, to find it when logged in as US, you have to scroll down to find the Pocketbook option. Is there some reason for the difference? The site also seems to default to US when clicking Create - printed book.
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