We're aware of an issue with converting some DOC, DOCX, ODT, and RTF files to EPUB through our Ebook Wizard.
We've created this Forum Thread with some workarounds and advice to assist you in publishing you ebook.

which version do you use?

I am putting a book together for my wife it's mostly notes that people have written her. I placed the order, and an important person got their note to me 3 hours after the order was placed (too late to cancel). It's the same number of pages, it's even a smaller file size. Do you print the original one, or use the one I just uploaded?


  • I don't fully understand what you mean, but as long as a Revision is completed, the latest one will be used for the production. If it has an ISBN it also has to be ordered and Approved first.
  • We print the version that was active at the time of ordering. When the order is placed, our printer downloads the file and begins printing. Uploading a new file after the order will NOT change the file being used by our printers.
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