Some postings are marked Answered, but I cannot see the 'button' that is used to mark them as answered as per the old forum. There's also some postings marked in the navbar at the side that says (totally) Unanswered, when they have been.


  • When a post is created as a Question, the original poster has to mark it as answered. Being a new month, I can go through January's Questions and mark them answered if the original poster didn't
  • Ah. OK. Also, if you look at - Home - Profile - Activity, There's Promote, Agree, Like, LOL, Spam and Abuse, in that order. But here there's Flag, Quote, Agree, Like and LOL. I assume Flag is Abuse, but here there's no Spam or Promote thing to click.

    BTW: What's the pop-up - Invalid CSRF token - mean?

  • If you click the "flag" text link/icon, it should bring up a drop down with your flag options (Spam, Abuse, Report). It's a rather counter-intuitive feature, but I haven't found a good way to redesign the options bar for comments.

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