urgent - anyone heard or dealt with Book-Art Press to endorse your book?

I am new to the self-publishing world and have been approached by Book-Art Press llc who claim to have literary agents willing to endorse my book and get it on bookstore shelves.... and hopefully get in front of publishing companies. My cost is only to provide them with the books and they republish under their banner. Copyright stays with me. Currently the publisher is my own publishing name - not Lulu ** all my editorial and publishing services were done through Lulu however.  Question: Has anyone here had any dealings with Book-art press llc? or do you know of anyone who has entered into an agreement with them? Are they a scam?

Please help shed some light on this for me. thank you!


  • In my opinion there are only two ways to go about this business. The first is to have a publishing contract with a traditional publishing house. The second is to be self published and do everything yourself. Anything else is just a distraction.

    The way to get a book in front of a publishing company is to either send them a manuscript, or find an agent who will pitch your manuscript. You don't wait to be approached by someone who will endorse your book. By the time you have self published a book you have almost killed off its route to being traditionally published, although there are a few exceptions. I really can't see what you will gain from accepting this offer.

  • Thank you 'wildwind' for taking the time to answer my question. It can be confusing and your answer is nice and simple! Thanks again! much appreciated :)
  • If this is the agency contacting you - http://www.bookartpress.us - I would be wary.
    From a few minutes on their site, it appears very thin on explanations of what exactly they do or what you might be paying for when you work with them.
    And their About Us page is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, a definite knock against a company who claims to be helping legitimize and sell your work.
    Wildwind gives good advice.

  • Thank you Paul, agreed!  I found it to be thin as well!  I have done additional looking into the address and it seems to be an executive office (where you can book an appointment but appears shared with others maybe?) -- definitely not a physical/ permanent office from what I can see.  I think my gut was correct to be suspicious - the advise given by you and Wildwind is appreciated! Thank you.
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    I would have referred you to the 'Preditors and Editors' site but they're looking for someone to update their listings.

    One resource that might help you spot vanity scams is below.

  • Thank you SphinxCameron - I googled many sites looking for preditors and scams. I read quite a few and felt my search was exhausted not finding anything so I hoped my fellow authors would have some insight for me :)Thank you for recommending the sfwa site, I will keep it handy!  I appreciate your comments - one can't be too careful (I'm learning).

  • Do to the urgency of my question I also posted it in the General Discussions. I received this today - I hope it helps anyone else contacted by BAP. Check out this blog:


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    As a rule if something sounds too good to be true, it likely is too good to be true.
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