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A US president, one-time reality TV star, vain and weak, watches bombs fall from space, powerless.
What should I do? He asks himself. He didn't think to ask anyone else, because he considered his own mind, a cut above all others.
What if there was something we could do to avoid this outcome.
In the early eighties a group of world leaders sit about a table and ask the same question.



  • Okay... I assume that you are requesting comments...

    So, the blurb is not especially appealing per se.  Not to be nitpicky, but "In the early eighties a group of world leaders sit about a table and ask the same question" -- well, unless you have a time machine and we are now perpetually in the 80s, they do not sit. They sat. Or they once sat. Or they have sat.

    Or perhaps you mean that this is a fictional tale set in the 1980s, but reality TV wasn't a thing until the 1990s. So is this a political piece? Is it fiction? Is it science fiction? Is it word salad with blue cheese dressing?

    Remember that the blurb is the first contact anyone will have with your writing. If the blurb doesn't work, the book won't sell. And this blurb doesn't work.

    But let's suppose that I was curious. Well, apparently the eBook costs $12.40, and there is no preview. Um...  No thanks... But wait. There's another book in the same spotlight. Unfortunately, it costs $8.99 and has no preview. And the blurb for it appear to be two paragraphs randomly copied from a salacious story, then repeated to make enough text for a full blurb.

    Um... Double no thank you. Frankly, it smells like a scam.
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