Dealing with Support Issues

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I used to do System Support with a side order of answering Help Desk calls. I've noticed how some people like to harangue Support Staff in an effort to get results more quickly, and it doesn't work.


Back when I was still working IT, people used to dread seeing me walk up to personally deal with their critical issue. The reason was because I didn't mince words when it came to end-user self-inflicted issues,: the printer that didn't work because it hadn't been selected or was turned off, or a bazillion sticky notes on a monitor obscuring the power button causing the user to think the computer wouldn't boot. Personnel other than the caller usually had a good laugh listening in.


There are a few tips when it comes to dealing with Support Issues.


1) You are not the only person with an issue.


2) There are a limited number of personnel on site to deal with issues and as a rule they're not eating Cheetos and waiting for you to place a ticket.


3) The personnel working Support Issues weren't recruited at a local fast-food establishment.


4) IT personnel who deal with Support Issues have a lot of training and experience -- they also know how to read end-user posts denigrating their abilities.


5) The people dealing with Support Issues are professionals who do what they do because they enjoy the work, otherwise they'de be working the ER, the morgue, or somewhere else.


6) No matter how long you've sat behind a keyboard using your particular flavor of Windows, Linux, or Mac, unless you've dealt with how the system actually functions (as in loading operating systems and / or working with servers), you're better off letting the professionals do what they need to do.


Try to remember the treatment you would resent is the treatment others will also very likely resent.


Now back to pounding my head on the keyboard while the 1-year-old scales the barricade around my desk.


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