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Is there a way to offer a pre-orders? My next book will be launched in February, but I would like to offer a way to pre-order the book. Is that possible?


  • I don't believe that the site will allow you to pre-order, but you could have pre-readers email their names / addresses to you, and then you could order on the first day of issue for each of them. How they would pay you would be a concern. They could snail-mail a preorder to your PO box, with check or money order; alternatively, you could bill each of them with delivery and let them pay net-15.

    You could also require payment by paypal on all pre-orders by email; that would work also.  

    Just some suggestions. I haven't tried any of these things.

  • thank you! I had thought of that, so I think I am on the right path!

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