As many of you may have noticed, the username you have on the forums has been getting pulled from your Lulu account username.
This was a mistake on our part with the way log in works.
Later today, we're going to update the sign in function to exclude usernames. This means everyone will have a username wipe. You should be prompted to create a new username on first log in.
If anything seems off or wonky this afternoon, it's likely just us working on the sign in and username update.


  • Paul_LuluPaul_Lulu Admin
    edited November 2017
    Hey everyone - we performed an update that will no longer pull username data when you log in.

    On the down side, it also exposed an issue that is hiding the "edit profile" option for normal users. I'm happy to update anyone immediately if they would like, just message me. Otherwise, I'm hoping to have the full profile options available soon.

    As I wrote this post, they fixed the issue. Click your avatar, then the icon to get the "edit profile" option. You can update your User Name, but not email (this is tied to your Lulu account). The Location box can be ignored.
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