Shameless Promotion Oy Vey

SphinxCameronSphinxCameron Southern Escarpment Hill Country ✭✭

When promoting a book, it's usally a harbinger to 1) not include a link to the work, 2) not have a preview for the work in question, and 3) announce you took peoples' advice and inserted a line between paragraphs.


Writing a book people will want to read isn't as easy as sitting down, pounding a keyboard till you're satisfied, then waiting for royalties to start rolling in.


It's actual work.


I'm relatively obscure due to many factors, but the relative quality of my work isn't one of those factors. I'm a fiarly competent writer with at least a small amount of talent.


Ron Miller isn't an obscure writer, and I think he'd agree with the idea that if you put it out there and expect people to pay for it, then you need to treat your writing like a real job that requires some effort.


The bottom line is no matter what jobs we do in life the amount of effort we put into our work says something about each of us. Think about it while I go wipe my toddler's stinky rear-end.


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