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I can't publish my language teaching books internationally as ePub books.

I wrote language books helping people to learn Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German and Welsh. They sell all over the world in the printed paper form. It would be handy for people to have them on their phone or tablet. But, when I tried to publish them as ePub books, I was told that the international marketers will not accept ePub books in foreign languages.


A good joke is that Lulu told me I must convert the whole of my books to English before they can be accepted as ePub books. How can a language teaching book be in just English?


What is that all about? I do not understand why this should be. At least Lulu is prepared to sell them from my author's web page—thank you for that. It makes a huge difference.


But what is the reason why I can't sell them through the usual multi-outlet distributors such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Apple, etcetera?


  • Hi PeterRoberts,

    At this time, our retailers only accept English EPUBs for distribution.
  • You will note that, in my complaint, I already stated: " I was told that the international marketers will not accept ePub books in foreign languages."


    And your response was: "At this time, our retailers only accept English EPUBs for distribution."


    So, I don't find your response very helpful.


    I was hoping that you would explain to me the reason(s) behind this, and to indicate, if possible, when language teaching books might be allowed at some time in the future. I can understand if you don't know, but it would be interesting if you could find out.




    Prof Dr Peter Roberts.

  • Hi PeterRoberts,

    Our retailers have not detailed why other languages are restricted.

    We hope in the future that other languages will be included in our eBook retail distribution channels. However, we do not have a timeline at this moment.
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