Spiffies and Loonies

Thanks to Skoob_Ym, I have been able to publish a new edition of my situational comedy Spiffies and Loonies. Feel free to criticize.  Smiley Wink




  Spiffies and Loonies is a situational comedy developed into 88 episodes. It departs from the typical ones, in which the plot hinges on the emotional and irrational decisions made by the lead characters. The opposite happens here. First of all, Brad and Dolly meet, fall in love and marry. To make things worse, they become rich after a few episodes. They are therefore geared to lead the eventless life of the happy few. Fortunately they are surrounded by misfits warped by one big deviant trait. When these do not bump into Brad and Dolly along the way, they will come and knock on their door – thus a turmoil of events running from the amusing to the fantastic, with a lot of absurdities in between.You will soon be captivated by the antics of these cartoon-like characters, and will ask for more. Several passages are spoofs of literary works. Each episode is independent enough from the others to be read or performed for its own sake.



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