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Un-list title until proof copy?

Hi community!


I finally got my book up on Lulu! But...Lulu wanted me to add it before I have a chance to review the proof copy -- that seems a bit backwards to me.


I reviewed the print ready content online but that is not a real substitute for reviewing the actual printed book. Can I un-list the book from Lulu's site until I review the proof copy?


If I do need to make changes to anything (and I am assuming that I probably will), is that what the "revision" option is for in "My Projects"? For example, in some of the previews the spine is a bit off but it seems to shift depending on which preview I am looking at; hence, I want to review the actual printed version first.


Thanks all!


  • Unless you selected "Private" when publishing then your book is alway published and listed on lulu.com. It won't go out to Amazon and the other outlets until you have purchase one proof and ok'd the book. Yes the revise link is there to revise your book if mistakes are made. But mistakes take place on your computer not online unless it's cover, blurb, price, etc. If you don't for some reason want the book to be for sale until you get a proof just got back and make it private. Then no one on lulu or outside can see or buy it. Hope that makes sense.

  • potetjppotetjp Bibliophile

    Samuel_H a écrit :

    I finally got my book up on Lulu! But...Lulu wanted me to add it before I have a chance to review the proof copy

    Very simple. Go to your project, and switch the distribution to "direct". You'll change it back when you are satisfied with the book.

  • Thanks so much both of you!

    That all makes sense. I am still learning as I go Smiley Happy
  • Hey there!

    Follow up question if I may:

    I got the proof copy and it looks good except for three small things I need to change on my end. This will require a new print-ready PDF but all else will remain the same. The changes are very minor.

    If I do this, can I use the same ISBN?

  • You can use the same ISBN.

    Just open a revision and make the necessary changes. Once the revision is complete, it will replace the previous version.
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