Need help with creating print book cover

I am unable to add my cover photo. I have adjusted the picture size, I think, and it still will not add the image. I need HELP to complete this book.


This is the message I get after uploading a picture for the cover page.


Your cover file is 246 points wide by 164 points high, but these are not the right dimensions. Your cover should be uploaded at 1242 x 810 points.


Please tell me in lay terms how I resize my image using Microsoft picture editor so it will work! I need to know the size in pixels. 


Also, each time I go back into My Projects, I have to resave the book file to get to the cover page. 


I look forward to your response. 


Thank you. 



  • I used this conversion site


    and got a pixel ratio of 1656 x 1080 pixels


    I don't know Microsoft picture editor, I use a free graphics program called Paint Net -


    Your image is too wide, so it needs to be cropped. I have done so, and resized it - see attachment.


    It's some time since I created a Lulu cover but the size used to be shown in pixels on the help pages.

  • Thank you so much Peter for resizing my graphic - I thought it was goning to work - but this is the message I got. 


    Your cover file is 261 points wide by 396 points high, but these are not the right dimensions. Your cover should be uploaded at 1242 x 810 points.


    I will try the site you mentioned. I am very frustated by Lulu as it doesn't provide enough informaiton to fix issues or errors. 






    What size book are you creating?

  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    The picture which you are trying to upload is 1024 x 684 pixels whereas Lulu is calling for 1242 x 810 pixels. I'm guessing that this is going into a box on one of the template covers and it needs to be this size so that the picture prints at 300 DPI (dots per inch).


    If you do not have a higher resolution picture you could try putting a border around the picture so that the image size is 1242 x 810.



  • Thank you Daniel for your comment. I tired saving the pic you created and uploaded it - but it still doesn't work. And yes, I am trying to add to the design cover template with the box. This is the latest message I got:


    Your cover file is 298 points wide by 194 points high, but these are not the right dimensions. Your cover should be uploaded at 1242 x 810 points.


    The book is an 8 1/2 x 11 size. The image can be the entire page or just a picture size in the middle. I don't know how to add a border to make it the size Lulu wants. 


    Thanks again for your help. 


  • rkustoff a écrit :

    The book is an 8 1/2 x 11 size.

    So, just make a picture this size with the required extra 1/4" on each of the four sides. (The uploaded picture need be a little larger than the actual cover.)

  • I have found sometimes that simple using the rotation button will find an angle that will work. Of course if it's a photo or something of that nature it won't work but sometimes does.
  • Hello Daniel - 

    The size you made the image seems correct but it still doesn't work. I"m not sure what the problem is. I wrote to Lulu support but haven't heard from them. 


    If you have other suggestions of how to create the cover with this photo, I'd appreicate it. 




    Hi Ruth


    I realised as I went out last that you were probably making a landscape format book, not portrait as I assumed, because most are.


    OK, so your picture is too small.


    Danile Blues elegant solution is about the right size and should have worked.


    The other option is the zoom* the size of the image -- and because its ratio not right, to trim the edges so it is..


    According to the dimensions at

    the cover should (in inches0 8.655 wide and 11.25 inches high


    I have zoomed and trimmed your picture to the closest I could get, 8.3 x 11.26 inches.


    I hope it works, but if Daniels didn't ... I don't know...



    *increasing the size of an image necessarily loses some of the sharpness of the original, but its only a minor zoom and I think the photo is still good enough


  • Thank you so much Peter for trying again. Unfortunately it still doesn't work. It says: 


    Your cover file is 259 points wide by 199 points high, but these are not the right dimensions. Your cover should be uploaded at 1242 x 810 points.


    I read last night after a Google search a question on a Lulu Forum from a few years ago about a similar problem. The responses said on this cover template, it's actually a picture that wraps around front to back. I'm not sure if that is true and that's what causing the problems. I have also tried using what I think is the old cover design wizard, but that doesn't seem to allow for images and has very little design or placement flexibility. 


    Thank you to all for your suggestions. I may need to just go with a very basic cover that Lulu provided. 




  • Ruth


    I'm getting confused


    You say 


    The book is an 8 1/2 x 11 size


    Lulu measurements give width first then height.


    The only landscape measurements that are 11 wide by 8.5 high is a Calendar


    Is it a Calendar you are trying to create? Your posts all talk about a book.


    8.5 wide x 11inch tall is the American letter size, and there are several paperback American Letter options available.


    HOWEVER there are three hardback book options with a similar measurement 8.5 by 10.75, and here the image would have to cover both back, front and spine of books, and for a dustcover option also include flaps.


    Going back to an earlier question, in order for us to try to help you, exactly which book are you trying to create?

  • oncewasoncewas Librarian



    There might be a glitch with the Lulu cover wizard in which case you will have to wait for Lulu to get back to you.


    The easiest way to make a cover is simply to use a picture of the right dimensions (to use this option select this from the styles). As you book is 8.5 x 11 inches the picture would need to be 2550 x 3300 pixels large and your picture is much too small. To give you an idea of what is needed see the attached picture. The blue rectangle is the required size and your picture is miniscule compared to this. Remember that the cover pictures have to print at 300 DPI otherwise they will be blurred.


  • Thanks Peter. I'm sorry for any confusion. It is a book. I actually created it in a Lulu template to be a 6x9 book. That size was fine, and I don't remember when Lulu changed it - I think it said it was too long or short for the 6x9 and when I went to publish it Lulu turned it into the larger letter size book with a spiral spine. 


    I am trying to create a book, preferrably 6x9 with a small to medicum size picture on the cover - the one I sent . But now, Lulu is making me create a larger book and the image isn't big enough - but that's not what I actually want. 


    Sorry for the detailed response. Thanks again. 


  • Hi Ruth,

    If the converted required you to switch to coil binding, the page count was too low for perfect bound.

    For the cover, you'll want to use either the New Cover Wizard and use one of our templates, or the One-Piece Cover Tool to upload a complete cover. I would recommend the Cover Wizard, and use one of the themes that allows for an image on the front cover. This will alleviate many of the problems you're running into here.
  • Hi Paul - 

    Thanks for the suggestion. I actually deleted the file that was print ready as an 8 1/2 x 11. I uploaded the 6x9 template again and am trying to use the Cover Wizard not the advanced One-Piece Cover. It is still saying to upload a picture that is:


    • Your picture should be about 2588 pixels wide and 3375 pixels tall

    That seems large for the smaller size book - I only want the image as a picture on the page - not the whole page. 


    I think I'm getting closer to getting this figured out. 




  • rkustoff a écrit :

    a 6x9 book

    All this is so confusing.

    How many pages has your book in the 6x9" format?

  • Thanks for checking in Jean-Paul. 


    The book is 30 pages in the 6x9 format. 


    So miraculously I somehow managed to create a cover! WOW! So I saved and made the book print ready and it shows up as an 8 1/2 x 11 again. I had actually started over, deleting the exisitng files and setting my selection for 6x9. I uploaded the 6x9 template, so I thought that's what I had. 


    When I review the finished book as 8 1/2 x 11 - the interior is clearly set for a 6x9 - the text is essentially down the middle of the page. 


    I tried again to change the selection, I chose 6x9 but it keeps making into 81/2 x 11. 


    I am losing patience and ideas of how to fix. Since this is a book mostly for friends and family, I may have to publish it as an 8 1/2 x 11 with a 6x9 interior - though that is very hard to do. 


    Thank you for everyone's help. 


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian



    I think you are missing something here.


    If you want a 6 x 9 inch book you have to specify that in Word (or whatever software you are using) and then when you create your PDF you have to specify the size as a 6 x 9. If you are not submitting a PDF to Lulu - and you really should because with PDF what you see is what you get; there will be no nasty surprises. Use doPDF, which is available free on the internet - you should specify in the Lulu wizard that you want 6 x9 inches. If you simply start typing in a Word document and then submit that document to Lulu and say you want a 6 x 9 book it won't work as the default Word document is 8.27 x 11.69 inches.


    You cannot publish a 8.5 x 11 with a 6 x 9 interior. That is simply impossible.


    Forget about using the template; just use a clean Word document. What I am telling you works every time.

  • rkustoff a écrit :

    The book is 30 pages in the 6x9 format. 


    1) The minimum number of pages for a 6x9 softbound book is 32 pages.
    2) The minimum number of pages for a 6x8 hardbound book is 24 pages.
    The last page of your book has to be blank, and the total number of pages has to be divisible by 4. Now, 30 is not divisible by 4, so the minimum number of pages for your book is 32 including the blank (and unnumbered) page at the end. If, with it, you have 33 pages, you need to add 3 pages to get 36, that is the next number divisible by 4. Smiley Wink
    Incidentally I always add two blank pages at the beginning of my books as a protection for the text, and a space to handwrite personal dedications.
    Now that you know the requirements, create your 6x9 manuscript in your wordprocessor, and convert it to PDF.
    Go to Lulu, delete/withdraw/retire your current  project, and start a brand new one.
    Take the 6x9 format, then opt either for softbound or softbound.
    Do not opt for distribution, so you won't need an ISBN, and the restrictions that ensue.
    When you are prompted to put your text, upload its new PDF. The rest is plain sailing.


  • Thank you Daniel and Jean-Paul. I am getting closerSmiley Happy 


    Daniel you are right. I used the Lulu 6x9 template but when I converted it to PDF it didn't save to that size. 


    So now I know that and I can change the size when I save to pdf - except there is no exact 6x9 option. It is just under 6 and under 9 - it is 5.83x8.27 . I tried to upload that doc because someone on an earlier Lulu forum said that was the size they use and it always works. But it didn't. 


    Do you know what size to save to? There doesn't seem to be 6x9 option and it isn't customizable. 


    Jean-Paul, thank you about the page counts. I will add additional pages to the front and back. 


    The other challenge I now have is embeding fonts. I used Lucinda Sans Unicode. I would change the book's font if I knew which one is already embedded in PDF. 


    I am very slowly making some progress. Definately have a better understanding - but still not there. Also, I will need to create the cover in 6x9. 


    thank you so much. 





    What software are you using to create your document and to convert to PDF?


    I have just done a test with Microsoft Word.

    I created a blank document then


    1) I used PAGE LAYOUT>SIZE to create a page 6x9.

    2) I typed some text using Lucinda Sans Unicode

    3) In Word I clicked SAVE AS> PDF

    4) I clicked options

    5) I ticked box ISO 19005-1 Compliant (that tick embeds the fonts

    6)  I clicked SAVE


    That created a PDF the same size at the documnet, i.e. 6x9


    I opened the document, right clicked on it, clicked on DOCUMENT PROPERTIES on the pop-up

    Click tab DESCRIPTION to check the size

    Clicked tab FONTS to see that Lucinda Sans Unicode was embedded


    That's how I did it on Word.


    If you are using other  software we can't help without knowing what it is

  • oncewasoncewas Librarian



    I would suggest that you use doPDF to create your PDF. The software is free (just Google doPDF) and it always works correctly.


    When you create a PDF in doPDF you can specify the exact size that you want and you can also embed the fonts simply by ticking a box. It is as easy as that. Once doPDF is installed you click on Print in your Word document and select doPDf as the printer. It will then create the PDF which you can upload directly to Lulu.


    Good luck.


    Thank you!!!!!!!! Peter for sticking with me on this. I did it!!  I was using doPDF, a recommendation from someone who posted to this thread - but was saving it to an incorrect size. I followed your steps below and it worked. Also, once I selected the format on Lulu, I didn't realize that by choosing black ink on white paper, instead of black on cream, the book size changed to 8.5 x11. 


    Whew, quite the learning curve. Thank you to everyone who helped me through this. I just ordered a couple of review copies. I hope and think it will look fine (if not, I may be back with more questionsSmiley Happy 


    Thanks again. 



    That's great Ruth!


    It's good to feel your actual printed book in your hands, but I've never received a proof copy that I haven't spotted things I never saw when it was on the screen and that I needed to correct/change.


    All the best

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