Book errors .

Hi. I'm pretty new to publishing. I have wrote several books, and submitted my files for publication. after receving my approval copies back from the printers, the books are full of errors, ie. Text and pictures all over the place and not where I placed them, text pictures slipping to next page, unwanted spaces. what am I doing wrong. I checked a few times before sending PDF,everything was ok. but the same problems occur after printing,but are not n my manuscripts. Please help. Thank you.


  • How are you new, you literally joined 3/15/2013, and have published several books. 



     Alright back to the problem. Have you checked your PDF sizes? Are the pages too big or bigger than the size of your book? You can check that in page setup.


     Have you contacted LULU Press about this issue? Maybe they could figure out something about the issue.

  • Well , I am new at publishing myself, someone else published my other books for me. I thank you for your help .I have contacted Lulu about the issue.

  • Very strange, I've never had that problem using pdf's. Only when uploading Word doc's. Did you make sure to embed the fonts and anchor the images? There is a free program called dopdf, that does very well. If you are using MS Word, just install this program and when you're done choose print and then dopdf, choose embed fonts, high graph images , and then print. It makes a pdf for you that should work well.

  • Hi Thank you once again. It's not only images but text. I'm using Libre office. It's very fustrating. I tried to anchor images, but when I clicked anchor, there was just a faint inactivesmall  list of options that did nothing.

  • I checked a few times before sending PDF,everything was ok


    Not clear to me; did you check the PDF before you uploaded the PDF?


    Did you check the PDF that Lulu has online after you uploaded it?


    If the one before you upload is OK and the one after its been uploaded is not, then it suggests that fonts were not embedded.


    If the online PDF is OK, but the printed version is not, it suggests the PDF dimensions don't match the dimenesion of the book s

  • Hi friend. Yes I checked my PDF file before uploading, and my book was the correct A5 size. It seems the file can be perfect after editing and proof reading. but after uploading the file PDF convertor using the wizard, the convertor makes chamges that may need rectifying. Even though my file before conversion was ok. Not sure why, but editing the uploaded file to suit the convertor seems to have worked sofar. just waiting for the book to be approved. No wonder self publishing is so  complex and fustrating. Thank you. moog.

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