Writing Style Question

I had my first book looked at by a a wise old author with the keys to vast warehouses of knowledge I could only gape at.  Okay actually she was probably twenty years the younger but I am sure you get the gist. One of the suggestions she made was that I NOT use narrative style mixed in with the rest of the book which is second person.  


I used narrative for the intro to give a rundown on the world and its environs taking up the first chapter as a historical descriptive.  I could write out the information as second person action but the word count could become unmanageable (It is already 101 K in the first book) I am also afraid if I do not give the history, certain plot elements may be lost for the reader.  Anyone have ideas on overcoming this?  Perhaps start with a tour guide at a museum of history? I have also been warned to be careful of using dialog as a "data dump"


Also how do you all deal with the time required for publication matters as well as making sure you keep writing to develop and keep your skill? I try to write at least 10k a week but I am noticing more and more requirements for side needs.


Preparing to publish the Heroic SciFi/Fantasy series;

Epik Adventures: Here Be Dragons  

Epik Adventures: Here Be Heroes

Epik Adventres: Here Be Evil


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