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My buyers are finding the shipping cost on my book prohibitive.  I have been buying books and selling them myself to friends and in local shops.  I mail one book for $1.35 first class, but Lulu's cost is much highe--more than triple that.  I don't understand why the shipping cost is so high.  fI there some way to bring it down so that shoppers don't shy away from ordering on-line, please share.  I haven't been happy with FedEx anyway.  They delivered a crushed, empty box as one of my orders of 20 books.  And I can tell you that as an eBay seller, I've had much better luck with the USPS.  How can I cut cost so that I can make some profit for myself?


  • Lulu have tried many times to get the cost down, and at times even have, but it's not actually Lulu who print or ship the books, they simply pass on the cost from their 3rd party printers who ship direct.


    What people need to look out for are the free shipping options that often crop up, or also sell your book via Amazon, who are often cheaper or even often free for shipping.

  • Perhaps they should try to get their printer to lower the cost of shipping.  I ordered one of mine from Amazon and got free shipping since I have Prime, but they cost of the book itself was higher on Amazon and I don't know how to lower it on there. Can you tell me that?  Their paper wasn't as nice as Lulu's was either.

  • Amazon can reduce shipping more easily than we can, as they have bigger and better contracts with their printers and shippers. We always do our best to keep costs down, but shipping is difficult to reduce as we have to work with the shipping options our printers offer.
    Amazon also is allowed to set the price for Lulu book's on their site, and will often set it higher than on our site. They also are allowed (and often do) print with lower quality paper.
  • You can lower it by not adding so much at Lulu.

  • I just tried to use a lulu-mailed coupon, for 25% off plus free shipping, on an order of 100 books.  When I go to check-out, it applies the 25% off, but not the free shipping.  What happened to my free shipping?

  • Most likely the size of the order made it too heavy for the free mail shipping
  • When I tried to do that, I was told that two discounts could not apply to one order. 

  • Indeed, you will find that clause with most discount codes anywhere.

  • I'm confused. Why does Lulu charge almost as much to mail books (in bulk, my own, to me in the US) as it costs to print them? The shipping fees are literally doubling the cost of using Lulu. I look for discounts but the shipping fees remain prohibitive. I don't think the shipping is based on actual weight or size. Can we have some clarity about this? Thanks.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    In a nutshell, it is not Lulu who ship them, but the printers.

  • The printers are taking us for a ride because no-one appears to have challenged them. Shipping costs are much lower in the UK with the  POD company I have published with in the past for example, YouWriteOn. It is a disgrace,especially if the Lulu printer used is actually UK based.  Lulu needs to get a grip on this. 

  • Have you sold your Lulu book on Amazon?

    If so, what's the process?

    Does Lulu still print on demand and then send the book to an Amazon fulfillment center?

    Thanks for any infor you may have.


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