Best Way to Transfer pages created in Photoshop elements into a Photo Book

I am creating a book out of my daughter's blog of time spent abroad.  I have already formated the photos and text into pages in Photoshop Elements.  I just want the best (easiest) way to transfer the (157) pages into a photo book for printing.  On a deadline so I can have it as a Christmas present!  Thanks.


  • The pages (text and images?) are prepared in Photoshop, therefore they are jpegs?


    If so, I recommend a regular print book. 6x9 or 8.5x11. Just prepare your word document with ,.5 margins and a .3 gutter (extra space in crease of book), file, select all, insert.


    If you use a standard Photo book, it will cost a fortune, no distribution, and whole lot of other limitations.


    However, if you still would like a Photo book, you will be given the option of uploading all images. Make sure your content is 300 dpi.


    Your very best option is to insert text in the word document and place the images separately where you would like them amidst the text.



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