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Just starting and would like to have both eBook and hard copy. If I do that, will the eBook format work for the hard copy version also? Am I setting myself up for difficulties by wanting both versions? Thanks!


  • Of course not. Everyone has at least two versions.


    You take your formatted word document for print, you make some simple changes and upload that for the ebook (with a new ISBN on the copyright page.)


    Some people make three and four versions. Hardcover, paperback, ebook, 6x9, 5.5x8.5, 7.44x9.69. Why not? It's easy and free.


    Watch the formatting  videos and read the manual before you begin, and refer back to it if you get stuck.



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  • The eBook requires specific formatting. I would suggest looking over our guide to get started:



  • You are making the right decision to have both a print version and ebook version. There are people who will only buy ebooks. In essence, you are limiting your availability by only using the print version of the book.

  • I know of a few people who now only buy audio books ...

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