use first project to make second very similar project

I would like to use a first project to make second very similar project without losing the first project.


I made a vacation picture book for my wife that I would like to add pictures to, change the title, and give to my daughter as her own book. I don't want to duplicate effort and I don't want to lose my wife's book. I am sure there must be an easy way to do this.


Sincere thanks,



  • Yes, the easy way to do it would be to insert the new pictures into a copy of your source document,

    start a new project on Lulu with a new name and then upload your source document (or, better still,

    a PDF created from your source document) and publish your book. The first book

    remains unchanged.


    Or are you hoping that there is an easier way than this? No can do.

  • If you're using the photobook Studio Designer, we do not currently have a good way to duplicate or clone a project. You can make a new project and use the same images (they are all stored in My Files on your Lulu account) but you would have to load all the photos into the frames in the template again.


    Or, if you wanted to make a normal hardcover or paperback in full color, you could do as danielblue suggested and edit the print ready file, then upload the edited file to a new project.

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