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Hi Guys. I'm here today to introduce you to my new website about my non-fiction work of Khufu's Counterweights! I hope this is fine with everyone due to the fact that just the book alone without the pictures and videos that I have posted on the webpage gives this webpage a certain debth that the book just can't accomplish on its own. I hope this is Okay. Here's the URL I hope you find it entertaining and informing.


  • Very well done! The site looks good.
  • The new site is extremely attractive! Congratulations!


    I would only suggest that you have the text on each page objectively edited by someone experienced in English composition. These are going to be the first examples of your writing anyone is going to see and you need to make a good impression. As it is, they are so full of bad grammar, punctuation and spelling that you might be putting people off from buying your books. 

    Black Cat Studios
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