How do I get to zero (0.00) revenue and sell only on Lulu?

Maybe a strange question, but I do not wish to make any revenue, I'm just making the book available at the manugacturing cost.


I thought there was an option previously available to sell only on Lulu, but I don't see that now.  When I go to the pricing, it gives me a minimum price I must set which gives me revenue on Lulu.  I enter the maximum discount, but I still end up with $0.80 revenue on Lulu.


Any help you can give me?


  • Your book has an ISBN, hence the reason there is an automatic retail markup.


    If you publish a version without the ISBN, you can sell it only on Lulu at the manufacturing cost.

    This requires you to create a new project, choose the Sell Only on Lulu option when you enter the book title.

  • Thank you!
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