Starting to think about a cover

So, I'm starting to think about a cover for my latest book.


You regulars have seen bits and pieces of it here in the workshop, so you may have a general idea. It's a novel. I'm going with the back blurb that names the characters and their respective attitudes about religion and each other, then asks if so many folks, going so many directions, can discover the truth and reveal it.


The character are, for the most part, College students. A lot of studying and discussion of academics takes place, along with a lot of discussion of religion. Some folks have some odd dreams, literary characters and famous dead authors tend to pop in from time to time. Books drive the plot.


Personally, I like to use my own photographs, not the least because I own the copyright.Also, I'm intending (hoping) to go with a One-Piece Cover Design because the cover wizards are infuriatingly recalcitrant.


With that said, I was thinking that a set of open books which might be textbooks and reference materials, open on a table, might make a good basic background. Superimposed on this would be my title (at present "The Atheist's Tale") and my byline  ("Og Keep"). The back would have my blurb superimposed on it.


This is an example (it's not well focused and I don't like the composition). In general, I'd like to know if I'm on the right track, also any general thoughts about an appropriate cover for this book.



Em_Press, that bit of a cover in the lower left might seem familiar to you... Call it a tribute...


Also, this raises a question: Can one legitimately use an image of a page without requiring permission? One is not reproducing legible text, which is the purpose of the normal prohibition. One is using the image to represent books in general, not to convey the text of a specific book.


Thoughts on that question?


If it would infringe, would that hold true if the spines, vice internal pages, were shown?


Would it be better to show, as the front Image, something like Tara's red notebook (Red for Read-this-every-chance-you-get) or the title page of Nick's Paper, with Britt's red ink on it? (I'll mock up some sample images of how those might look later.




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