Writer's Challenge #3 - Six Word Stories

Hey all,


Skoob mentioned in Writer's Challenge #2 that someone else should post one this week, so I thought I'd toss out one of my favorite exercises.


Basically, write a story in six words. If you need some inspiration, you can check out http://www.sixwordstories.net/


Here's a few to get things started:


Fleeting happiness brought long remembered smiles. 


Laughter cured my ills, for now.


Monkey and pineapple, traffic accidents ensue.



  • This month Labyrinthia rocked her world.

     A citizen of the world.

  • She smiles, he acquiesces; deed done.


    Writing is frustration to reach elation.


    Birth, growth, nadir then slow decline.

  • Itch scratched. He thought, "What now?"

  • potetjppotetjp Publisher

    Masochist to sadist: "Hurt me." "No."   [not mine, an old one]

  • Zombies rose as the sun set.


    Terror begins, as nightmares are born.


    Life begins with a full moon.


    Wolves at my door, hunting me.

  • "Put it over there" it said.

    How Do. Take a seat.
  • And that was the end of that.

    How Do. Take a seat.
  • potetjppotetjp Publisher
    7 words
  • Gosh, you are right. Smiley Frustrated


    A miscount of fingers.

    How Do. Take a seat.
  • And that was the end, then.


    Smiley Very Happy


    "Put it this way," she smiled.


    "Once upon a time," he started.


    "Good God man, look at that!"

    How Do. Take a seat.
  • A six word story starts here.


    "One, two, three, four, five, six ..."

    How Do. Take a seat.
  • I think the idea is to include an entire story, summarized to six words. Hemmingway was once challenged to make a person cry with a six word story. He wrote:


    For Sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.


    I know that I am not Hemmingway, but.....



    "No," he said. "I won't return."




    She cried. He sighed, then died.




    She died. He too, but inside.


    And on the lighter side of the ledger:


    The bottle spun, then stopped. Me?


  • All would be very good first lines.


    Please do not read this book  Smiley Very Happy

    How Do. Take a seat.
  • You're feeling your oats today, Kevin. Smiley LOL

  • Elizabeth surveyed the cotton wooled skies.

    The set sun curtseyed to the moon.


  • potetjppotetjp Publisher

    Enghisauth a écrit :

    Elizabeth surveyed the cotton wooled skies.

    The set sun curtseyed to the moon.


    Six words  Smiley Happy

    Set sun curtseys to the moon.

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