Your Favourite Character and Why

I recently picked up a book at Chapters, a simple book, nothing to boggle the mind. My only prerequisite was that it be good. That's all. Well, when I started reading it I thought, what a simple book; it's juvenile. Gosh, I think I wasted my money. Naturally, because I'd paid and was desperate for something unwork-related to read, I gave it another couple of pages.


It turned out to be subtle but brilliant. The main character was so beautiful and humble that he didn't even know he was a genius. He kept telling us how dumb he was--but he was smarter than anyone else, and developed as a human being. Unforgettable Olav. From Blood in Snow.


Yes, I feel changed because I met him. One of those who remains a fabric of who you have become after you've read a book.


Who is your favourite newest character in a book and why?




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