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my fist book. i am wonder what is nessessary

i need to know how to set up the copy right page on an ebook. Like do i need to put my adress on it? and how do i correctly put Lulu publishing name on it, stuff like that.


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    i need to know how to set up the copy right page on an ebook.


    The same as in any book.


    The only elements really required on a copyright page are the copyright notice itself: Example >  © 2015 Fred Smith.

    And some statement about the rights to reproduce the work are reserved to the copyright holder.Example > All Rights Reserved.


    Like do i need to put my adress on it?




    and how do i correctly put Lulu publishing name on it,


    There's no need to, you are the publisher.


    stuff like that.


    If you opt for a free Lulu ISBN the ISBN number also needs to be on the Copyright page.

  • Just look at the equivalent page in a published book and use that to construct yours.

  • Skoob_ymSkoob_ym Teacher

    In general, you need two pages before the story.


    The first is called the Title page. It's on the right side of the binding -- an "odd-numbered" page -- and it has the Title of your book, and your name.


    If you want, you can put an imprint name at the bottom... that's the name of your "publishing company" if you're using one. that part is optional.


    On the back of that leaf -- this would be the very next even-numbered page after the title page, so that they are back to back -- you will have a copyright page.


    This should have:


    Title......................................................   Came Tumbling After

    byline ..................................................    by John Smith

    Copyright claim ..................................... (c) 2015 by John Smith, All rights reserved, etc.

    ISBN number ..........................................ISBN 999898-88-9-9 (if you're publishing it for the public, otherwise no need)


    (You can use a free Lulu ISBN, or buy your own. If this is a one-off book, the Lulu ISBN is a better deal. If you're going to make several editions or publish lots of books, it's better to buy some.)


    Then at the bottom of the copyright page, if you're using a publisher name -- even if it's one you just made up -- you can put it there. Putting an address is optional. If it's at all controversial, use a PO box or leave the address off. If you want to get fan mail, you'll need an address there. The whole publisher info part is optional.


    Some folks add a third page, "Acknowledgements," where they list people who were helpful in making the book. This is optional: "This book would not have been possible without ..." or a Dedication page, "To my loving wife, who listened while I read this aloud to her and didn't strangle me... " or something like that.


    Richard gave you good advice: Find a book with a layout you like, and follow that pattern. Remember to make the Title page, with the copyright page on the back of it. All the rest is optional.


  • potetjppotetjp Bibliophile

    Just curious. In what language is your book? What is your mother tongue?

  • 'my FIST book i AM wonder...'

    the capitals mine.

    is the ungrammaticality deliberate, a slip or as a result of linguistic incompetence?
  • I assumed that the book was about Boxing... "The Fist book of Fists," perhaps...

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