Plagiarism: a warning for authors, check your books

Just a warning to authors: search for books with similar titles to yours, and you may find someone trying to sell your book as theirs.

I posted about this here:

but little has changed since. I've just found another clear copy of my work, the author of which has several other titles.

I've seen little evidence so far that lulu is proactively monitoring spammers, so I'd suggest you monitor this yourself, and report any books that look suspicious.

PS. the author is question "Hugo Dorman" ( appears to have used that name in several other publications, some of which have already been remove. To whomever is removing the fake titles when they are reported, have some sense and investigate ALL the titles with those names!


  • Wow lulu, this is some website you've got going here. I reported this illegal, plagiarisied content over 24 hours ago and still nothing.

    No responses to this thread, no responses to the two reports I've filed.

    Can somebody please tell me what is going on?

  • Clearly the other product on this store is also stolen from another lulu store. I am not sure why Lulu have not closed his store down and made a note of his IP addresses in case he comes back.

  • This problem of plagiarism persists. My work was copied by a certain Prof. Dr. Ashwin Kumar from the beginning page down to the last page, then changed the title and the copyright page with bogus information, and continue to sell it and claim it as his work in Research Gate:


    I already notified his Dean at the School of Arts and Social Sciences of the University of Sydney. I hope they will take this seriously. A plagiarist has no place in the academe.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    You do know this thread is 5 years old and you would have been better creating a New Message?


    BTW. I hope you can prove it because he could turn around and accuse you of copying his.


    BTW. I just looked at your link and it offers the entire text as a download apparently for free.


    PS: You cannot really say it's published in New York by Lulu Press because it could be printed in many places, and Lulu are not in New York anyway.

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