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Format is wrong

I just received my book (I ordered just a few to make sure everything looked right), and I could use some help.


I used the 6x9 template and uploaded it per the instructions.  In the final product, the margins are very large and the print is very small, not the way it looks in the file I uploaded.


I'd like to order 250 books asap, but it can't look like this.  I'd be happy to provide the file and a sample of how it turned out if it would help.


  • Hi Ryan,


    The template can be edited. Go into the Word doc/layout and change the margins. Change the font size of Normal Style and Headings as well. It's your book; you can do anything you want to it.


    One thing, though: Make sure that you print a PDF and preview before uploading -- and only buy one copy until you love it.

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  • Maggie,


    I'm trying to upload my book. If I do so in PDF, the text is fine but it somehow inserts a page inbetween every other page - making the book twice as long.

    And if I do so in Ms Word, the first few pages have a ridiculously large indent at the start of each paragraph.



  • Check that your page numbers all " continue from previous." Go to Insert Page number/ format page numbers/ continue from previous.


    And, check that your section breaks are all "next page." In Word. Then print the PDF.

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  • Hi Maggie,

    I appreciate your help. Is there someone I can actually speak to here?  I don't understand most of the instructions I'm seeing.


    I used CutePDF, set it to print 6x9, and it still isn't working.  It's fine on my screen, then I upload it and titles from the top of one page are at the bottom of the previous page, and all pages are off.


    I just want it to look like it does in the book.


    This is very frustrating.

  • Hi Ryan,


    It sounds, from another post, that you worked it out with the help of Shadow.


    There is no one you can speak to regarding formatting. However, there are many tutorials on YouTube for every possible formatting glitch. So if you get stuck again, single out the problem, and research.


    Good luck to you.

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