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Hi folks!


I'm about to publish my book and I'm planning to use GlobalReach. I just had one question about making it meet the requirements.


"If including the retail price on the cover, it must exactly match the retail price for the book. Lulu does not add the price to the book cover."


I currently do NOT have a retail price listed on my cover. Reading this, however, suggests that I do not need to have a price on the cover.


So my question is whether I should put one on there or not.




  • I have never bothered for the retail price on the cover. There is none printed by Lulu  because our books are sold all over the world in various currencies. Smiley Happy

  • Gotcha! Thanks for the fast reply!


    So you've used GlobalReach without a cover price and have found no problem at all with distribution?

  • Use the retail cover price near the ISBN number as such: $12.99 USD

  • UncannyDerek a écrit :

    So you've used GlobalReach without a cover price and have found no problem at all with distribution?

    None at all.

  • Thank you very much, Jean-Paul!

  • I think I read somewhere that Lulu actually recommend that you don't put a price on the cover.


    As a self-published writer, one of the things you have (some) control over is the price of your book. You might find that after publication, you want to move the price around a bit until you hit a 'sweet-spot' between profit and sales. For that reason I think you'd be better omitting the price from the cover.


    I don't have a price on my cover and I haven't encountered any problems with distribution.

  • Thanks for the answer, Richard!

    I figured retail outlets would also like to have their own wiggle room with pricing. It's why I thought it shouldn't be a problem to not show a price on the cover.

    I'm glad to hear there are no problems with the GlobalReach distribution as my novel now seems to fit all of the requirements!
  • You cannot really put a retail price on the cover unless you know what it is going to be everywhere it is sold. Leave one off  Smiley Happy

  • Exactly, Kevin. As long as I can still get the fullest out of Global Reach, I definitely plan on keeping the price off.
  • You don't really have any control over the retail prices places set and Distribution often works far far better if you also promote the book. If you do not then no one will know it exists.

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