Cover Design for childrens novel

Does anyone have suggestions or a resource I could find for designing a book cover for a childrens novel?

My current design is basically a photograph on top of a black background. This is my first time and I'm not sure if I should go for glitzy eye catching designs or keep it simple with what I have. Any thoughts? Thanks.


  • Go to Amazon and write in Best Children's Novels. See what others have done. It will inspire you.

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  • It is important to think about the ages.


    For very young, simple cartoonish line drawings are probably best, in my opinion. As you move towards older children, more complex drawings are probably better. In the tween/pre-teen market, a simple photo that is specific to the subject and story would be more appealling. Graphics can also work at that age range.


    I have learned through this Lulu Forum that cover design is very important. I just finished revising one of my books, and I'm planning to change the cover of at least one other book. Spend some time and make a great cover.

  • Hi-

    I'm a professional children's book illustrator.  I've created numerous covers designs and illustrations.  You can see some cover designs here:


    This is on facebook


    I've also attached the cover from my latest book.


    Anyway, good luck with your book,


    Cheers Carolyn


    PS My fees is $150 for design and illustration

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