How do calendars work?

I have a project in mind which would benefit from having specific remarks and specific instructions tied to days of the year.


"It's April 3rd -- Fill out form 23x by midnight!" "Deep Cleaning Week -- dispose of outdated paints!" I thought about a Lulu Calendar for this project, but I have some questions:


1. The area above the Calendar proper (the back of the prior month): Can this be a text area, or must it be an image?


2. Can I customize information shown on specific days (i.e. change July 1 from "Canada Day" to "Eat maple syrup")?


3. In the calculator page of this website, 22 pages are shown as a standard full year calendar. I'm counting 24 plus the front and rear covers, for 26 pp. total on a standard calendar, right?


4. If I add additional pages, can these be "Insert" pp., that are in between months (maybe a quarterly check-off list?) or will these automatically become months (i.e. January of the next year)?


So I guess the summary question is... Just how custom can I get with this?


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