Is my dialogue okay?

From my last book, Killuminati, I've been using the same kind of dialogue, and I'm not sure if it's something I really need to work on.

Here's some dialogue from my new novel, Moral. How bad is it? Do you think I need to entirely change the way I write?


"Xavier." He taps me lightly on the shoulder. "I got the Moral. Are the others in the Valley?"
I look Aaron in the eye. He's always been a person of great intentions, but I know that he would've never imagined himself huffing lighter gas.
"Yeah. Everyone's there." I walk a few steps back, away from the dumpster. "Which session is this, again?"
He lets go of the plastic bags in his hands and sets them on the ground. One can of Moral rolls out of the bag and I grab it.
"Session fifty-nine..." Aaron looks at the paper in his hand with disbelief. "60 sessions of Moral? Didn't you tell us that ten sessions would be the ABSOLUTE max?"
I told them that ten sessions would be enough, and that was obviously a lie. But what I didn't tell them is that one hundred sessions won't be enough either. I'm not worried, though. They're all addicted.
"This is your choice, Aaron." I look him in the eye. "You have the brain to decide if this is what it takes to see your mother again."
He looks down at the sidewalk and squints his eyes. "I'd do anything."
"I know." I place the can of Moral back into the bag. "Let's get moving. The others will wonder why we've taken so long."
Before Aaron begins walking toward the road that leads to the Valley, I put a hand on his shoulder.
"You'll see her. I know you will."


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