I linked my spotlight to brfe LLC newspaper

http://theconstitutionalbee.com/   Check it out, we are a LLC with many professional services. We are offering space oin our newspaper for other authors to use to advertise their books and products. The links to contact us are in the newspaper.



  • brfe LLC as in Bee Roses Feathers Entertainment. We are syndicating our global online newspaper and launching our popular website on Friday.

  • Doesn't mean a thing to anyone outside the US.

  • We are global now. Tens of thousands of visitors in less then two weeks. We are growing and adding much more. We have decided to put a lulu spotlight page for anyone writing patriotic books and the like. We are also accepting Spiritual books. I thought that this would or could advance writers by providing new resources to help market books, all for free. Have a nice day.

  • My website is global so I pladed a link on my website travels to all corners of the world, ha

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