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trying to post a message to message board or give an answer to another lulu author is impossible


  • Something kaput?

    I'd say it was your browser, but for fear of contradiction, I won't.

    Firefox is usually better than Intranet Explorer, which is pants at times. Amazing what a crp browser IE actually is...


  • It's a browser problem.

    There are two alternatives - use another browser or go and edit the message with no content.


  • I've had the same problem... my subject box comes through with flying colors but the message box is completely empty when posted.  

  • I just switched browsers from IE to Chrome... now, it works...

  • Were you using IE9?


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    I use a few browers with no problems, so it can't be that. I think it's a site problem. One further problem is I often get Notifications via e-mails about replies, duplicated, I have just opened 5 all the same! At times I am even Notified of my own postings!
  • Kevin,

    I use a few browsers as well, but I can't use IE9, which we know doesn't work well yet with this software. There are updates coming soon for it.

    You might want to check your subscription settings: http://connect.lulu.com/t5/user/myprofilepage/tab/user-subscriptions%3Asubscription-options


  • Hi. I have a super important deadline tomorrow morning, is it possible to ship my portfolio today. Thank you very much. Order number. 10614487
  • This is a User-to-User Fourm.

    If you have already placed an order it should be in the pipeline - it normally takes 2,3 or 4 days depending on the type of book. Hard covers take longer.


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    Well, whatever David. But how long is "soon"? There are more and more blank postings and even the e-mail notification about 'body' is empty! (And what has that got to do with browser type?) Can Lulu not send out e-mail Newsletters like they used to do, with things in such as what browser will work?! Plus what other changes are going on?The only official Lulu mailings I get now are just trying to sell me stuff! Via discounts usually.
  • Can someone PLEASE give me directions to a message board, ANY message board, just a message board so I can post a question, get the answer, and order another proof copy of my magnum opus (I think that's the cliche LOL)
  • Click on the Forums tab.

    Click on the Discuss icon.

    A list of message boards will be displayed.

    Click on the name of any board and you will see a New Message button.

    And there you have it!

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Strange, because she has been doing just that fer ages.

  • This is the MOST UNfriendly website I have ever seen!


    I want to post a question.  Their instructions are to go to the board I ant to post to and select NEW MESSAGE.  I have found NO PLACE on any BOARD that has the option NEW MESSAGE.


    This is beyond ridiculous.  Is lulu.com just some computer Geek working out of his bedroom ?????

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Well you managed to find this old hidden in the depths thread at random.


    Look here >>   http://connect.lulu.com/t5/Lulu-Connect-Self-publishing-and/ct-p/en_US  look at the sections new posts are in. Click the section title, General for example.  You will see a blue New Message button.

    You would have seen it if you has left this thread rather than posting in it.  Smiley Happy

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