Creating a PDF with Bleed in InDesign

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To Create a PDF with Bleed using InDesign:

  1. Start a new document in InDesign and set the page size for the size of the book you are creating. Note that these dimensions should not include bleed - you'll handle that on step 2.

    PDF with Bleed 1png

  2. Enter .125 inches (.3175 cm) in the four bleed boxes and click OK. You may have to click the More Options button to see the Bleed and Slug boxes.

    PDF with Bleed 2png

  3. Create your book adding graphics and text where needed. Any artwork that needs to be full bleed needs to extend to the red line. The page will be trimmed at the black line. The purple line is the margin you set for your book.

    PDF with Bleed 3png

  4. Once your book is ready, go to File > Adobe PDF Presets, and select Lulu' Adobe Job Options attached below.

    PDF with Bleed 4png

  5. In the Marks and Bleeds section, select Use Document Bleed Settings. Click Export.

    PDF with Bleed 5png


Please Note: In a finished full-bleed PDF from InDesign, the graphics on adjacent gutter edges (odd pages on right, even on the left) should slightly overlap. This allows your graphics to line up as intended when the bleeds are trimmed during printing.



Here is an example of acceptable overlap in the gutter of a full-bleed PDF from Indesign:

Indesign Preview PMpng

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