Why didn’t my book print?


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RIP Error

What is a RIP Error?
Commercial printers use RIP (Raster Image Processing) servers to convert PDF files into printable images. A RIP error is generated when a PDF fails to process through the RIP server and cannot be printed. This error indicates there is something wrong with the file being processed, but does not indicate the cause of the failure. RIP errors rarely indicate what is wrong with the file, but we do know large file sizes, corrupt fonts or graphics, file code errors, and other corrupted data can cause the RIP to fail.


Can Lulu tell me what’s wrong with my PDF or help me fix it?

  • Lulu will not be able to provide information on what is wrong with a PDF. Our print partners provide a simple error indicating the file that caused the error.
  • Lulu cannot fix files that failed the RIP process. Use the Information below to make a new PDF.

Ways to minimize the chances of a RIP error:

  • Don’t let your file size get too big. Crop images in a graphics program rather than your page layout program, because the entire graphics file becomes part of the document, increasing file size and processing time.
  • Keep your document simple. Don’t use complex color blends and nested graphic images.
  • Don’t mix Type 1 and TrueType fonts in the same document.
  • Use preflight tools if available to catch common problems before uploading your file to Lulu.
  • Use reliable PDF creation software.
  • Use the correct settings.

Options for fixing a file after a RIP error:

  • Fix a file using the information in “Minimize the chances of a RIP error" above.
  • Convert a PDF to a Postscript file and then redistill the Postscript file using a reliable PDF creation program.
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