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We do not accept PDF documents with pages of differing sizes

Your document could not be created: We do not accept PDF documents with pages of differing sizes.


I have looked through the pdf document and original in Word. 

All looks OK to me.


What should I do next?



  • I had the same problem. You may want to go to Word program, print review for page sizes.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Go into size, determine the size you want, and apply to whole document-- not just This section. Then convert to PDF and upload that to Lulu.

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  • Great suggestions Josephine and Maggie!
  • Hello! If anyone runs across this forum, I was getting the same error. I was exporting my document from Indesign. Apparently, Lulu needs single paged documents, so no facing pages. Once I turned off facing pages, it uploaded just fine! Just thought I would let anyone know this, since I was trying to find out the answer from these forums, but couldn't.


  • I merged files created by Publisher and Word for the same page size.  Looking at the rejected pdf, I can see that the Word page in pdf is slightly narrower than a Publisher page in pdf.  Don't know why and don't know the workaround.
  • First I would verify that the Publisher and Word pages are both set up to the same size. If it's a very slight difference, Publisher may be including bleed margins. If that's the case, you could adjust your Word file to match.
    Otherwise, I would try converting from Publisher to Word, merge the files in Word, then export the PDF.
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